This is a piece I made for a charity show in Chicago for the organization Buy Art Not People.  They work to support victims of human trafficking and abuse locally and worldwide!

Here’s their website:

“I Am My Own” is a celebration of the body as a place of renewal, recovery, and self-ownership. I digitally collaged the hand drawn text onto a photo of my own hands, in an effort to express my and other bodies’ solidarity with those who have suffered trauma and abuse, and to represent the body as a place for self expression and reclamation of power.

The background is a collection of images layered to create a pattern, reminiscent of textile. The gladiolus flowers layered on the blue lines in the foreground traditionally represent strength of character. Bright colors and variations on the traditional symbol for “women” serve to further communicate the joyful and powerful experience of identifying as a woman.

This summer I did a set of paintings/ collages for class. There is nothing more rewarding than driving yourself crazy keeping track of small pieces of paper, so I’m doing more of them. All of these paintings began as video stills from a video I took as I was walking around Franklin St. ALL STRANGERS ALL THE TIME, stop being so interesting. so yea, i dunno these people, but it’s interesting to collage them.

Not like the hardcore band.

Here’s the artist statement I sent in with this:

“I was trying to come up with ideas for an important screenplay for a short film I am supposed to make and could come up with nothing, felt like nothing, and had no idea why I deserved the chance to say anything with a video to anybody. That’s usually how I feel before I start a project. So I started writing down all the ways life was actually working around me, and then I started to exaggerate. The final list of “scenes” in Movielife is a list that expresses my faults and life as they are and as I wish they could be. A lot of things that actually could, did, and will not happen to me are expressed in the text of Movielife, in confusing and muddled orders. The frustration and idealism that are expressed side by side in this piece are often represented the same way in my consciousness. My compulsion to make art or videos is usually driven by the urge to put something better, more earnest, more special into the world, yet by the same coin, the idea of a “better” circumstance or self or product makes me self-defeating, impractical, detached from the means to become “better”. So, making this video is, in a sense, a confession of my insecurities, and a time to be vulnerable in front of others; and hopefully, someone who might see it will sympathize, and blame themselves ever-so-slightly less for whatever “flaw” they can’t seem to tame or conquer.”

mostly i ain’t never satisfied.

i just got an internship with Nightlight as a media designer! They are lovely folks. Here are the two I’ve already done, many more to come.